William Shakespeare 's ' The Gallic Wars ' Essay

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Ambitious magnanimous Charismatic
Audacious 2. Key Events
Gallic wars 58BCE-50BCE: Aggressive
After his role as consul Julius Caesar was made proconsul of Gaul (Roughly present day France and Belgium. At the start of his posting the Roman empire only controlled the southern areas of Gaul, but had alliances with several Celtic tribes that controlled the rest. Many of these tribes were often at war with one another. This situation helped provide Caesar with the opportunity to use his military power to begin what would become a full-scale conquest. In the following years he extended his military operations from the Atlantic to the Rhine defeating the Helvetii, and many Germanic tribes. He had no mandate from Rome to carry out these aggressive conquest, but he had motivation after building a large debt after this role as consul. Not only did the treasures stolen allow him to pay off his debts but also allowed him to reward his loyal legionaries generously. The Gallic wars lasted over 8 years and highlighted Caesars very aggressive leadership style. 'He took over 800 cities and towns by storm, subdued 300 tribes, and killed a million men. ' wrote Plutarch a Greek historian. At the start of these conflicts they were unprovoked and were not a necessary part of his role as a proconsul of Gaul. Caesar did this to help increase his image of being a powerful military leader with the intention to gain more power.
Civil War: Decisive

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