William Shakespeare 's ' The Crucible ' Essay

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1.) Morality: I used the game Fable for this category and my score was average (46). I think my score does reflect the fact that I enjoy playing games where I have to make decisions based off choices and can play the game my way. I sometimes like to play the game through and make all evil choices then play it again and make all good choices that help others. I don’t ever play this type of game with mixed choices though, I always do one or the other.

2.) Anger: I used Destiny as an example for this category. I hate the crucible in Destiny it is my least favorite part of the game. If I get to a point where I keep losing, I get angry. I have an average score in anger (38). I don’t play PVP as much in Destiny as i do the PVE content. The only time I can enjoy the crucible is if i am on a winning-streak. So I I don’t have fun when I play a game that makes me angry. I have low interest in the crucible feature of the game.

3.) Imagination: Disney Infinity 2.0 was what I chose for this category. I Scored a (92) in imagination and I actually love Disney Infinty 2.0. The Toy Box mode is my favorite aspect of the game besides the fact that I can play as Wreck-It-Ralph. My test score does reflect a fondness for this feature in the game.

4.) Cooperation: I chose Rockband for this category. My score in cooperation was a (67). I do like playing this game only when I play with a group of people. I find it to be a great game that fosters a sense of cooperation. Where…

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