Essay on William Shakespeare 's The 21st Century

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Play is defined as ' to occupy oneself in ( a sport or diversion); amuse oneself in (a game) '. Play is said to be an innate drive in children as they have always played throughout time. Researchers believe that children are born ready to play and explore the world around them. This is said to be the case because children have played throughout time without the help of an adult and this play could go on for hours without any adult help. Play has not always been seen as innate though, in some times play was seen as a waste of time and children would be punished for play. However now in the 21st century play is an important part in the early year’s curriculum, as it has been proven to help with a child 's development. Play is enjoyable for a child and gives them pleasure and something they can do by themselves or with someone else. From a practitioners point of view, play is a key way of supporting a child development. Play can support physical development, as it can involve using both fine and gross motor skills during movement. Fine motor skills are used when a child is exploring an item, such as sand. Gross motor skills develop as a child does large movements with their body, such as throwing a ball. As well as this during physical play child stamina is also increased as they run around and enjoy themselves. Balance is also developed during this time as children start to understand how to balance on one leg etc. Play can support a child cognitive…

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