Essay about William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 73

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before you read a shakespearean sonnet, you should know the poem will has a particular way of organize ideas and rtymes across those forteen lines. the rhyme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. the first three lines are known as quatrain 1-3, and the last section is known as the couplet. however, in Sonnet 73, the three different ideas in the quartrains are actually all variation of one core theme. and it is always follow the iambic pentameter. for example, That time of year thou mayst in me behold
You can find 5 syllables in this line, and the whole phem follow the same rhythm. there is an other example,
This thou perceiv 'st which makes thy love more strong.(line 13) the write add emphasis to this, and it can helps the thematic connection betwwen love and aging in the poem. the scolar call them a trochee, it is the opposite of an iamb.

Sonnet 73 is the obvious identification of the author with the fall, "the twilight of the day", "a flaming fire." Under this assumption, there is some truth: Shakespeare feels at the end of his life, although according to my calculations at the time of writing a sonnet he was about 31-34 years old. Why such anguish? Mature middle age-and maybe start life- author perceives as the end. It is autumn, not winter, evening, and not night, bonfire, not ash fading, but not death (Colin , 98). when you read ths sonnet 130, you will fell you are in you music classroom, and sing a song with you high school classmates. the lines ' stop and start are…

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