William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 18 Essay

1297 Words May 10th, 2016 6 Pages
In Sonnet 18 William Shakespeare talks about how beautiful his beloved is. To summarize first few lines of the sonnet, William Shakespeare compares beauty of his beloved with a summer’s day. “And summer’s lease hath all too short a date”, according to Shakespeare, even though summer is long it still has to go away when winter arrives; but the beauty of his beloved will never go away as if she was to forever stay young and beautiful. Secondly Shakespeare writes this sonnet so that he could immortalize his beloved and her beauty. Shakespeare believes that as long as humans exists, his sonnet would be read which would mention his beloved’s beauty making it ageless. So overall through his sonnet Shakespeare praises her beloved’s beauty and promises to make it ageless through his sonnet. As sonnets are usually a love poem, William Shakespeare’s sonnet 18 is a perfect example of it.

Usually when a poet writes a love poem, they tend to write about physical features of their beloved; but in his sonnet Shakespeare compares his beloved to a summer’s day. He does not talk about physical features of her beloved at all, and it was pretty unique. This is the reason why I chose to do an imitation of Shakespeare’s sonnet 18. Also the reason, why I chose this sonnet is because If I was a girl, and someone wrote about immortalizing my beauty, it would really make me feel special. So to do praise someone is what I would like, so that at least one person can feel good about themselves when…

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