William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 128 The Dark Lady Essay

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Shakespeare’s successful career continued to grow rapidly as his 154 sonnets were published. As more people read deeper into the sonnets there have been multiple theories on who Shakespeare was writing about specifically in the sonnets. For example, with the first sonnet up to sonnet 126 the poet introduces the “fair youth” which the reader can then infer that the poet might be talking about a male. However, the dark lady is introduced in sonnet 127, and then brought up again in sonnet 128. However in sonnet 128 the dark lady is being described by Shakespeare as very beautiful. These sonnets lead to sonnet 129 which discusses Shakespeare’s point of view on lust. The actions that come with lust or even taking about lust can make a person feel guilty and have hatred because the actions may have been enjoyed at first but ends up being something they regret for the rest of their life due to it being a sin. To start off the first quatrain starts off with a very tense tone but, the poet does not come right out and say what he is shameful about. The very first line the reader can conclude that the poet is disgusted by the act that he looks back on. The sonnet has a “spitting consonantal combinations, and by the reversal of normal syntax,” which proves how much emotion the poet is putting into the sonnet (Levin par 2). Once the poet does say that the action was lust Shakespeare starts to characterize it as if it was alive. For example, some characteristics are “murderous, bloody,…

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