William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet is arguably the most famous, and tragic, love story in history. Throughout the play Shakespeare orchestrates a variety of themes. Love is the most prominent of these, however, Shakespeare also includes the fascinations of fate, the icy touch of hate, and the curious collision of opposites. These differing ideologies and motifs, when combined, create such a brilliant masterpiece. Shakespeare also confronts our vulnerability of assuming love is an empty husk of instant gratification and infatuation. He beautifully portrays the difference between limerance and love: limerance being the word used to describe the physiological state of intense infatuation and love being the genuine expression of selfless emotion. Shakespeare portrays the power of love through the characters of Romeo and Juliet, he uncovers the brutal and also beautiful realities of romance and the way it can be unorthodox and irrational at times. Quite simply, Romeo and Juliet enumerates the power of love; the way it is an intoxicating, impressionable, dangerous, sometimes unrequited, and often misinterpreted force that supersedes all other values and emotions. The nature of love is a complex entity that humanity has searched restlessly to explain. Some describe it as religious, other deem it dutiful, and many credit it to be magical. However, Shakespeare manages to portray the chaotic passion that entwines the many faces of love. The masquerading images of violence, duty, and death. Throughout…

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