William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Viola and orsino talked again of love. if ever you love boy remember me for i am the quintessential man in love orsino mused. no man pursues their woman as passionately as me

I love someone to my lord boldly confessed viola.

tell me.

she is a lot like you proffered viola.

how old is she.

about youre age my lord dared viola

orsino felt positively paternal toward viola much to violas dismay. viola in desperation becomes even bolder telling orsino that women could love as passionately as men. my father had a daughter viola bravely began that loved a man with the same intensity as me. my sister died and I am now all the daughters of my fathers house and all the sons too she said

orsino than gave viola a jewel and bade her to again go to olivias house. do not take no for an answer. i will have her love he declared in the typical machismo fashion of the time.

a few days later the diabolical plan of revenge was enacted in olivias garden. Sir belch and sir aguecheek hid behind a hedge. As soon as they spoted malvolio entering the garden maria darted out and droped the letter on the path were malvolio coudnt not miss it

now malvolio it seems already contemplated the plausibility that olivia was falling in love with him. hadnt he not heard her say that if she should ever chose a husband it would be someone like malvolio

musing about his possible future with olivia the note was spied by malvolio. ah this looks as if it was written by my dulcet lady Olivia he…

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