William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essays

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Since Francesca and Paolo engaged in a love affair upon their death they were sentenced to hell. When they received their judgement, they were sent to circle 2, the lustful. They were sentenced here because the both of them committed a sin through their love affair. Then upon speaking to Francesca she tells him about what she went through while she was alive and living her life with her husband. While speaking, she continues to shift blame on to others and not herself but she also speaks of how love is what drove her to this extent. “Love who no loved one pardons love’s requite, seized me for him so strongly in delight that, as you see, he does not leave me yet. Love drew us onwards to consuming death (Inf. V, 103-106). She argues that her passion had taken over her which led her to commit such a sin, leading to her and Paolo’s death. By the end of Francesca’s story, what really moved Dante was all which the both had endured. Out of pity, Dante even fainted, at the end of the canto and compared his falling to as falling for death. As Dante mentioned before, each sin deserves an equal punishment but as we noticed before when Dante first starts his journey he tends to feel pity for the souls and as they get further along in hell it doesn’t affect him anymore. If Dante knew that all these souls committed sins in their life leading them to send their afterlife in hell, why make himself and the reader feel pity for the souls. In canto V with Dante taking his time it then…

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