William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essays

1714 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
While reading through the many plays that you all listed that we could focus our project on, I chose the play Romeo and Juliet because of the well written and articulated scenes while reading. I also chose to create my project on Romeo and Juliet because it is a tragedy play written about two opposite thrones (the Capulets and Montagues) in which they have a teen daughter and a teen son who both fall in love with each other with the thought of marriage, but in the end it is a ultimate twist. They both end up dead. Lastly, I chose Romeo and Juliet because I am at a practical age where we think we are in love and want to be with someone. As of now I am going through the same thing as Romeo and Juliet was, besides us being on a throne. My family has many different beliefs and opinions about who I should marry. My boyfriend goes to a community college and my mom believes that I deserve someone who is currently here where I am or at another university doing something with themselves. My story is a tragedy because me and him both does any and everything to see each other when I am home or if he travels here to see me. Only difference between my relationship and Romeo and Juliet is death. However, because we aren’t in the 1500’s I believe now that I am older and our families aren’t enemies, and there aren’t any rules in America, there wouldn’t be a tragedy ending for me, but more triumphant just as Romeo and Juliet’s deaths made their families reconcile. Romeo and Juliet was first…

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