Essay about William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet

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The play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, captures the downfall of the two “star crossed” lovers, as their families’ feud leads to tragic events in the town of Verona.Two characters involved in those tragic events are Friar Laurence and Nurse. Although fate plays a major role and even though Friar Lawrence and Nurse have good intentions for the lovers, they do hold responsibility for speeding up the plot leading to the lovers’ suicides. While Friar Lawrence directs the action that happens, Nurse delivers messages regarding the action. Friar Lawrence and Nurse are two adults whom Romeo and Juliet look up to in the play. According to Kenneth Colston, Friar Laurence is a benevolent, religious figure towards Romeo and Juliet, who’s intentions are ruined by fate. “He is the loyal confidant and spiritual adviser of two rash young lovers whose well-meaning ministrations are ruined by fate but trumped by Providence.” (Colston 20). As for Nurse, according to Brenda Bruce, she is the wise mother figure towards Juliet, taking her in as her own. “She is in fact the Mother, the person in whom Juliet lays her trust and confides her secret love. ¨ (Bruce 1). Since both Friar Lawrence and Nurse have those qualities, it is easy for Romeo and Juliet to trust them.
Being the only adults that Romeo and Juliet can trust, Friar Lawrence and Nurse immediately gets involved in the lovers’ relationship. However, initially Friar Lawrence is hesitant about Romeo’s love for Juliet and…

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