William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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“To be, or not to be? That is the question--” (3.1.58) is one of William Shakespeare’s most popular quote and globally known to people that have not even read Hamlet. Shakespeare’s quote provide strong meaning and passion that allows him to be one of the best poet, playwright, and actor in the seventeenth century. Shakespeare was mainly famous for his plays including Julius Caesar, Merchant of Venice, and the most popular one, Romeo and Juliet. Not only did he provide brilliant dialogue, Shakespeare include lines that intrigued the audience throughout all his plays, which separated him from other ‘great’ playwrights at the time. William Shakespeare clearly tries to target the Elizabethan audience throughout the whole play of Hamlet. One clear example was through the soliloquy from Hamlet in the fourth act in scene four of Hamlet. Shakespeare’s method to target the audience throughout that soliloquy was identified through the content that allowed the audience to reflect upon,, relate to the feelings and thoughts Hamlet was going through, and the clear advancement in plot and character.
To start with, Shakespeare targeted the Elizabethan audience through the content that allowed the audience to relate with the feelings and thoughts Hamlet was going through. “How all occasions do inform against me” (4.4.31-32) is a quote that defines how foolish and enraged Hamlet felt for seeing his situation completely wrong and finding the answer by having a short and simple…

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