William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, set in 16th century Verona, contributes to issues of identity still relevant in modern society. The circumstance of living up to their families is an issue that Romeo and Juliet face many times throughout this tragedy. As the book progresses the two lovers forget their family and follow their hearts. However, it is not as easy at it seems to bypass the ones who are trying to stop them. The state of being male or female plays a huge role in the decision making allowed throughout this book. The affiliation Romeo and Juliet have to each of their own family is a blockade in the way of their love as well. Romeo and Juliet’s youth make them very impulsive and their young love ends up being a curse more than a blessing. Identity is a very common theme throughout this play and deals with some major societal issues.

In this play, it is very evident that the gender of the different characters has an impact on how they are being treated. This was especially true to the times of William Shakespeare, but is also true today. This gender inequality can be seen right away when Sampson mentions whilst fighting “’Tis true, and therefore women being the weaker vessels…” (1.1, 14.) This shows us that the men in this play think of woman as being less dominant and ‘weaker.’ This also correlates to the amount of respect and power woman are given in this play. In Juliet’s case she is being forced to marry Paris without her consent. This…

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