William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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In the play Capulet is portrayed as a kind, considerate and loving father. Whereas in the film (by Baz Luhrmann) Capulet is portrayed as a mean, drunk and naive person. Juliet on the other hand stays the same in both the play and the movie. The relationship they share is very differently presented in each form of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In the play the relationship that they have between them is very close and loving, however in the movie it is shown to be very distant and controlling by Capulet
We first see Capulet in act 1 scene 2; this is where Paris talks to him about the proposal to marry his beloved daughter Juliet. We can tell that he does not want to give his daughter away yet because he says “my child is yet a stranger to this world” from this we can tell that Capulet feels that marriage is too soon for his daughter. From the words “stranger” and “world” We can imply that he feels as if he needs his daughter to explore the world before being trapped by a husband. We can also tell he doesn’t want to send his daughter away because he calls her “the hopeful lady of my earth” from this we can tell he didn’t want to give his daughter away yet because he is mentally attached to her. From the word “my” we can also tell that he has a bond with her that no one body can break. the words “hopeful” and “earth” suggest that his life is full of hope and prosperity in her presence. The word “lady” suggests that he thinks of her to be a grown…

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