William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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The play ‘Romeo and Juliet ' written by William Shakespeare is a romantic tragedy about the two ‘star-crossed lovers ' from Verona, who ‘take their life ' primarily due to the social expectations that are put upon them by society and the actions of the people who they depend on the most. The protagonists grow up in a strict society in which gender roles and family dignity are classified more important than an individual 's happiness. However, Romeo and Juliet go against this expectation in order to be with each other. The characters of the play are constantly put under the pressure of behaving according to the social expectations that apply to their gender. The families, Montague and Capulet who are ‘both alike in dignity ' have a strong desire to protect their families pride and honour. Romeo and Juliet 's love was doomed leading to their double suicide. It is reasonable to say Romeo and Juliet 's deaths were caused purely by the gender roles in their society, their families ' desire to protect their reputation; and also the lack of real-life experience of their closest confidants, Friar Lawrence and the Nurse have.

The gender roles the characters in ‘Romeo and Juliet ' have to live by is a crucial factor in causing Romeo and Juliet 's deaths. In the Elizabethan Era where Romeo and Juliet 's tragedy was written, society had an expectation that people will behave according to their gender roles. Men and women were expected to live differently in society. Woman were…

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