William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Have you ever been walking down the street to see the stereotypical group of girls? Knee high uggs, skinny navy blue jeans, the latest Iphone, starbucks in hand as if their literal life depended on it; you think to yourself “sure they’re a dime a dozen, but great minds think alike, eh?” Just to be greeted by a “valley girl” style “oh my god” followed by something irrelevant. This is known as diction, the typical style in which someone speaks or expresses emotion. Authors tend to use diction, the style in which an author uses typically will remain similar throughout their career. Often times authors will have a turning point in their chirography, this is known as the climax, also referred to as an apogee. The climax, or apogee is when the story begins to reveal its true colors, authors tend to have these in the latter half of the book to work as a twist; to keep the reader interested in finishing. Shakespeare, like many tends to gravitate to using similarities in his writing approach. For instance, within many of his works he is notorious for off stage deaths, “Duncan” of Macbeth, “Mercutio” of Romeo and Juliet, “Timon” of Timon of Athens, all of these set a mood; authors typically use a set structure in their writing and branch off of it for each piece. The style of writing was very similar all through the 16th century, Shakespeare was the writer of a majority of the popular plays of his time, despite the argument that he was original, he was not; comparatively to the…

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