William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay examples

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Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is a tragic play set in Verona, Italy that follows the story of a large feud between two very powerful families. In Act 3 Scene 1, a fight, witnessed most prominently by Romeo, breaks out between Mercutio and Tybalt. All three characters, each affected by events in their personal lives, display both different behaviours and unique personality traits in this scene leading to an interesting, yet fatal, interaction between them. In this scene the two fighters behaviour is impetuous and reckless as they engage in violent swordplay while Romeo contrasts them by being passive and calm in his actions. However, Tybalt, unlike Mercutio, is simply a dishonourable person and therefore enjoys provoking Mercutio into a fight. Mercutio is portrayed to have an arrogant and dramatic personality in this scene whereas both the personalities of both Romeo and Tybalt are quieter. The aspect of their personalities that set Tybalt and Romeo apart is the fact that Romeo has something to loose in his life while Tybalt is a simply evil character with no personal ties and a quite predictable personality although he does surprise the reader with his cowardly actions. The three characters’ interaction in the streets of Verona leads to a violent and catastrophic end, due to the meeting of three very different personalities.

All three of the characters that meet Act 3 Scene 1 display very different behaviours because, while Mercutio makes rash decisions and Romeo foils…

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