William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Reading Williams Shakespeare’s classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, it is evident that the famous playwright uses a broad range of stylistic techniques to expose the audience to the idea that no one is ever truly free. Audiences often think of Romeo and Juliet as a love story and overlook the morals behind the tragic tale, two children cast aside from one another as a result of the aging feud between the two families, Montague and Capulet. To truly connect to his audience, Shakespeare’s story explores the themes of love, hatred, freedom and sacrifice to enhance the restriction that the main characters have in their lives, hence portraying the idea that no one is ever truly free.
Shakespeare depicts the themes of love, hatred, sacrifice and freedom through the use of language and characterisation, to demonstrate the lack of freedom within this story. Shakespeare manipulates powerful figures, by the use of characterisation. Capulet, the head of the Capulet family to be portrayed as commanding and controlling figures within Juliet’s life. Whereas Juliet is portrayed as a delicate figure with no voice to question her father, having the contrast of power and vulnerability provides a sense that Juliet is not free to make her own choices in her life as Capulet demands, “To go with Paris to Saint Peter’s Church, or I will drag thee, on a hurdle thither” In Act 3, Scene 5, page 214 (Capulet to Juliet). In this scene Capulet introduces his intentions to control his daughter’s life…

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