Essay on William Shakespeare 's Production Of King Lear

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The Connecticut Repertory Theatre’s production of King Lear was an exemplary work of art and was personally enjoyed. It is a show about betrayal, love, and tragedy amongst several different characters. King Lear has proven to be a complex, yet dramatic performance. Even though I already had a basic knowledge of this distinguished Shakespearean play, watching a live performance only improved the brilliance of the play. There are many factors that goes into producing a successful show that helps create a lasting impression on the audience. The actors’ choices on how to play their individual characters, the technicalities of the stage and how the director used the theatre itself, and how effective the rapport is between the actors and audience all demonstrates the characteristics that illustrates an excellent show. The decisions on how actors believe their character should act are one of the most important ways on delivering the play’s authenticity to the audience. The audience has to believe that these actors embodies the characters. There are many movements and quirks that an actor will perform that will create a lasting impression in the audience’s mind. The actors in King Lear showcases a large range of believable acting skills. One example is Kristen Wolfe and her choice of how Cordelia would react to her father exiling her. Her watery eyes and giant frown added to her performance as a broken hearted daughter. She gripped her stomach as if she was in physical pain.…

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