William Shakespeare 's Pride And Prejudice Essay

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She is witty. She is spirited. She is Elizabeth. Elizabeth, the protagonist in the story of
“Pride and Prejudice,” overcame some of the boundaries that constrained the lower class women of her day. Elizabeth was a women of resource and intellect. She was different from her class, especially from her mother and sister, Lydia. Elizabeth differed from them in three ways: in her mannerism, communication, and perspective on life.
Although described as lively and playful, Elizabeth knew to behave well in different societal situations. She spoke in a manner that was polite but keen. For instance, she used her wit and keen observation to paint a person’s character. When she was dancing with Mr. Darcy, she painted his character right before him, but used decorum in saying so. As Peter Leithart
(2004) puts it, “Though she mocks Darcy, she does not infringe any rules of decorum; she never speaks to him out of turn and does not display the same indifference to propriety that characterize her mother and sisters. (p. 46).” This ability allowed her to stand out from her family. Her mother and sister, Lydia had less defined decorum, showing their naiveté about life and the world. For instance, Lydia’s decorum is more forward. She flirts with the regiment, and she behaves poorly in the company of the superiors. On the other hand, Elizabeth sees through this and rebukes her father for allowing Lydia to have unchecked behavior. Austen (2005) writes “Her character will be fixed, and she will,…

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