William Shakespeare 's Othello - Power And Control Essay

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Power is a concept that is different from control for without power there is no control. In Shakespeare’s Othello, Shakespeare shows the impact of both on relationships with an awareness of the roles of race and gender. Power can be executed in different ways and often derives from reputation or privilege which affects the sense of control a person has. Shakespeare explores the significance of both power and control to a great extent through the relationships of Iago and Emilia, Iago and Othello, and Othello and Desdemona. The Venetian society in Othello is comprised of people who have certain privileges and reputations that allow them to have power and exercise control. Each of the relationships in Othello explores the significance of power and its effect on the control a person has.
The greed for power is a significant factor for the tragedies in Othello. Power allows for a person to have control over something as this idea is exemplified by Iago and his relationship with Emilia. His need for control as the male in the relationship is intensified by Emilia’s refusal to be a completely submissive wife. Emilia, despite tolerating her husband’s behaviour for most of the play, is not submissive as shown by how Iago knows that she “chides with thinking.” Although she does not speak against him in public, this indicates that she doesn’t always tolerate him. Iago expects obedience from his wife which derives from his sexist views of women that allow him to thrive on the power…

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