William Shakespeare 's Othello And The Moor Essay

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Love and marriage is another theme shared in both literature works yet the love for someone can make you do thing that you don’t want to do. Othello and the moor killed the love of their life in a horrible situation. Disdemona and the Moor have been married for some time then just a day in Othello. This changes they dynamic of their relationship they should have a solid foundation and the Moor should have become easily jealousy. The moor starts to lose his sense of mind and Disdemona start to doubt her marriage. “…but you Moors are of hot a nature that every little triffle moves you to anger and revenge” (Taylor 19) this comment would never cross Desdemona mind she is blindly in love with Othello. Shakespeare alter how long they have been married it makes it seem reasonable why Othello be easily influence of his wife infidelity. Othello courtship is about his victories at war and Desdemona fall in love with the hero he is. They just have gotten married then Othello is ship away to Cyprus to stop the Turkish; Shakespeare does this to add to Othello character as a leader and show that Desdemona fell in love with. Desdemona is happily to be a part of Othello voyage and to see him in action. In their travel their love for each other grows strong but Iago use simple action of Cassio and Desdemona to manipulate Othello. The key proof of the affair is Othello’s gift to Desdemona a handkerchief the material good is the success of Iago plot. Andrew Sofer the handkerchief is an item…

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