William Shakespeare 's Othello And Othello Essay

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Reading a play is like appreciating the sea; the most exhilarating scene of the sea is the moment when the seawater is roaringly lifted by fierce windstorms. The seawater is the plot, and the windstorm is the conflicts. Othello, written by Shakespeare, consists of three chief types of conflicts, which are the characters versus characters, characters versus themselves and characters versus the social background in Venice. Each conflict sharpens the contradictions between two characters, molds the complexity of their personalities and reflects the social issues in Venetian society.
Firstly, three inter-character conflicts occur in the interactions between Cassio and Iago, Othello and Iago and Desdemona and Othello. To begin with, the conflict between the outsider and the insider is the primary chain that combines Cassio and Iago. To illustrate, Iago says in his soliloquy, “One Michael Cassio, a Florentine/ A fellow almost damn 'd in a fair wife; / That never set a squadron in the field.” (Shakespeare 1.1.21-24) and “But he, sir, had th’election” (Shakespeare 1.1.27-28). From the quotations, Iago is jealous of Cassio’s noble position; he also disdains him by the reason that he is not only a non-Venetian but also a minority in the group of soldiers, since he is a “bookish theoric” without any practical military experience. As a result, the contrast between Cassio’s high reputation and his outsider status leads him to be Iago’s eyesore and the catalyst of his jealousy. Secondly,…

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