William Shakespeare 's Othello And Othello Essay

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Ever since the beginning of time, men have taken the roles of power in relationships, while the women are left to follow. This fact is evident in William Shakespeare 's Othello with the relationship between Desdemona and Othello. At times Desdemona was brave, but it was usually when she had her husband 's support. The few times she stood up to her husband, her fear caused her to give up and return to being her obedient self. This, along with her overall submissive behavior, proves that Desdemona coincides with the societal norm of how women were supposed to act in the seventeenth century.
Desdemona was braver than most women, but she was usually not valiant without support. One example of her bravery was when she proudly stood up to her father, telling him that she did indeed want to be with Othello. She had to pick between being allegiant to her father or to Othello. She chose her husband, arguing that her mother chose her husband over her father. Although her speech was heroic, the fact that her husband was standing beside her in support of her decision, made the speech easier to make. Either way Desdemona decided, she had a strong man waiting for her and able to protect her if the other one was angry.
Othello was a strong, powerful man, who, when angry, could be somewhat intimidating. Desdemona worked to make him happy, and usually he was. That was until Iago started messing with him, making his temper shorter than ever. When Desdemona lost her precious gift from her…

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