William Shakespeare 's Othello And Lady Macbeth Essay

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William Shakespeare is one of the world 's most renowned writers. He is mainly known for his incredible characters. Some of these works include Othello and Macbeth. Rather than the main characters from each work it is seem to be the true master rhetoricians stand out in these works; Iago and Lady Macbeth. The two prove themselves to be master rhetorician magicians, but every magician has there secrets. Iago takes his rhetoric style with his credible honesty and ethos giving him the title "Honest Iago". Whereas Lady Macbeth knows how to make the people in her life like putty in her hands through the pathos in her diction. When it comes to the two Iago 's overall complex plan is set much higher than anything Lady Macbeth could have ever amounted to in her time. To all "Honest Iago" was the most credible and trusting man known, but underneath the mask unveiled the true rhetorician magician he is. Iago used his words and stays to put every person close to him against the other with no are to the wind. He pitches couples against each other which eventually lead to having no regrets of death or an excuse for the murders. Like all Rhetorician Magicians Iago has his wild side. His wild crazy psychotic side is who Iago is truly. He is a true manipulative master, he shows very little if any remorse at ending of the play.he is responsible for so many deaths and tragedies and just emotionally scaring people yet he has no empathy or any sign of sympathy. To put yourself in someone '…

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