William Shakespeare 's ' Nora ' Essay

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. In this play, the main set design would take place in an average size middle-class living room in “every suburb in Europe.” However, I can envision this in any living room, not specifically in Europe.
2. In Act 1, Nora lies for the first time when she says she did not eat any macaroons.
Then she lies once again to Torvald, yet this time, I see it as she is lying in a protective and loving way.
NORA: "It was necessary he should have no idea what a dangerous condition he was in. It was to me that the doctors came and said that his life was in danger." (1.193)
3. A. Torvald Helmer is Nora’s husband.
B. Nil Krogstad is a lawyer that went to school with Nora’s husband, and he blackmails her because of her loan.
C. Christine Linde was Nora’s childhood friend that Nora eventually meets again.
D. Dr. Rank is Torvald’s best friend and he is in love with Nora.
E. Anne-Marie- the nanny of the Helmer children and she used to be Nora’s as well.
4. This play occurs during the holiday season, around Christmas and New Years’ time.
5. Christine and Nils relationship is significant to the play because Nil was Christine’s true love. She left him for a man who was richer to support her family.
6. This reference is significant because Nora feels that Torvald treats her like a child.
7. Torvald Helmer probably perceives Nora as a young child who needs guidance.
8. The title of the play is significant because this play revolves around Nora being treated like a doll who lives in a “doll…

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