William Shakespeare 's Measure For Measure Essay

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William Shakespeare was a well known writer who is worth being read because of three things; people can connect to his characters, he uses himself through them, and is writing style. Shakespeare connects with the people who read his work because that is what any writer would want. They want the readers to connect with the characters so they feel that they are going through whatever that character is going through. Shakespeare also uses some biblical references in his work that Christian readers can really relate to. The play Measure for Measure contains more biblical references than any other Shakespearean play. It begins “with the eponymous reference to the Sermon on the Mount, and continuing with numerous references that link the interpretation of events in Vienna firmly to the interpretation of scripture.” (Mead 119) Readers can really connect with the writing because it has a source of relief when they know there is scripture behind it. Shakespeare wrote many different types of plays and he did not write plays that could necessarily be easily categorized in one particular genre. For example, Romeo and Juliet is not just a tragedy or a romance; it also contains elements of action, comedy, suspense, and even horror (the crypt scene). Shakespeare was incredibly talented at creating characters and situations that appealed to a broad range of people. If an audience member did not care for the idea of a love story, then perhaps the fighting and murders would intrigue him…

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