William Shakespeare 's Macbeth, Hamlet, And Romeo And Juliet Essay

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A Deadly Combination Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil has spent the most time on the New York Times best seller list with a total of 216 weeks (New York Times Best Seller List). The plot in the novel is based around a murder, and goes through four murder trials. Yet, humans hate tragedy in real life. Whenever an act of terrorism or disaster strikes, everybody says how unfortunate it was, and why do things like that have to happen. Yet, humans love to read about the same thing they despise. This situation occurred in Shakespeare’s time as well. Shakespeare became famous because of his tragic plays, especially Macbeth, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet. According to critic A.C Bradley, a Shakespearean tragedy is “a tale full of exceptional suffering and calamity, conducting the hero to [his] death”. However, under Bradley’s definition, Macbeth is not a tragedy because although it is a tale of exceptional suffering and calamity, it is Macbeth’s ambition and his wife’s encouragement that leads to his downfall, not the result of the suffering and calamities. Macbeth has the exceptional suffering and calamities that match the first half of Bradley’s definition of a tragedy. The disasters that occur in Macbeth are contrasted with previous glory, befall a conspicuous person, are striking in nature, and are unexpected. The play begins with a captain in the army praising “brave Macbeth” (Shakespeare 1.2.18) for his victorious performance on the battlefield. Macbeth was so…

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