Essay on William Shakespeare 's Macbeth : Fate Vs Choice And Ambition

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Do you believe that fate guides your life or do you think you makes the choices that affect your life forever? In this essay I will explore 2 themes in Macbeth. fate vs choice and ambition. I will aswell show how they lead to his eventual downfall. In the play Macbeth, some people claim that because the witches prophecize Macbeth’s future, and their prophecies come true, fate plays a bigger role in his future than choice. However Macbeth’s actions are actually more affected by his ambition than his fate because he makes irrational choices that have serious consequences, leading to Macbeth 's eventual downfall.
When Macbeth decides to kill the King, Lady Macbeth 's ambition drives Macbeth to have his own ambition, until he has killed King. This quote was when Macbeth made his choice about killing the king, with lady Macbeth’s influential dialogue persuading Macbeth with her ambitions to kill the king she guides him to make a decision that will lead to his eventual downfall. Lady Macbeth says, “We fail? But screw your courage… of our great quell?” (I.vii. 69-82) When Lady Macbeth says, “Th’ unguarded Duncan… of our great quell?”, it shows that it’s the perfect time for macbeth to kill Duncan, also that lady macbeth reveals the fate for Duncan when Macbeth’s ambition makes the choice. We can also see how her ambition is expressed when she says, “We will not fail”. In these quotes we see that choice is lead by their ambition to become the king and queen. My second example is…

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