William Shakespeare 's King Lear Essay

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King Lear by William Shakespeare is yet another piece of literature that is highly acclaimed for its literary devices gruesome plotline. However, the content of the play is not something to be undermined at all. Not only is the dialogue intriguing and provocative to the mind, it also provided many important lessons to be learned and displayed several underlying messages which can be derived from any reader.

In most pieces of literature the main conflict starts to arise in the beginning of the story, and King Lear by William Shakespeare, is no exception. In Act I we see the first example of a big flaw in Lear’s personality. Although it was always known each daughter would get a third of the land, Lear’s methods of having the girls claim their portions is something to be questioned. This is the first scene in which we see an important moral lesson being taught. Even though the truth may hurt, you need to hear it. Goneril and Regan both lied to their father in saying that their love for him stretched to the ends of the earth, but Cordelia, who was honest with her father saying “Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave/My heart into my mouth: I love your majesty/According to my bond; nor more nor less.” (I i) and also pointing out the flaw in her sisters’ statements saying “Why have my sisters husbands, if they say/they love you all?” (I i). It is reasonable for Lear to be displeased with that statement, but his anger with Cordelia goes far beyond what one might expect…

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