William Shakespeare 's King Lear Essay

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King Lear is a tragedy written by the great English writer William Shakespeare. Often cited as one of his best works, the play revolves around the King of Britain at the time, King Lear and how his banishment of his daughter Cordelia leads to disastrous effects for him and those around him. Through the eyes of a broken king and the world that is falling around him, Shakespeare manages to convey multiple messages about power, family and trust. One of the main focuses throughout the entire story is the parent-child relationship as it pertains to King Lear and his daughters and Gloucester and his two sons. In his monarchic and tragic triumph King Lear, Shakespeare is constantly playing around with the idea of the parent-child relationship. The main plot revolving around King Lear and his three daughters is accompanied by the subplot featuring Gloucester and his two sons. Through the overarching plot of the story along with the minor plot, Shakespeare teaches the audience that the destruction of strong relationships is due to there being societal expectations. The expectations brought upon by society leads to false expectations of loved ones, they can lead to a lack of trust amongst parents and children, and they can cause us to make fatal mistakes when concerning the ones we love.

The expectations that society places upon us often lead to false expectations of our loved ones. They often lead us to have standards for our children or parents that are infeasible. In the play,…

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