William Shakespeare 's King Lear Essay

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(Bevington, 2014)King Lear and elderly King of Britain decides to step down from the throne and wanting to divide his kingdom between his three daughters. Before he divided the kingdom among the three daughters, he required them to show their love for him in words. Lear waits with a prideful heart and expecting to hear kind words from his daughters it was far from what he expected. Two of King Leer’s daughters Goneril and Regan manipulates him speaking highly of him and makes him proud. His younger daughter Cordelia keeps silent and refuses to say anything. Lear gets angry with Cordelia and disowns her. However, later on in play Lear recognizes his mistake and unites with Cordelia. Can we make differences between our children and give one more than the other. The main characters are King Lear, he was the king of Britain, and he had three daughters. Goneril is the oldest daughter she was evil and end up putting her father out of her house. Goneril plots to have her husband-killed. Regan is the middle sister and is a little more passive than Goneril but she has a deceitful side to her as well. Regan finds others to do wrong for her and flatters men to assist her as comfortably. However, Cordelia is the youngest of the three sisters and truly loves her father. King Lear had a close friend, The Earl of Kent, who returns to help Lear in disguise after his master dismisses him for revealing Lear’s excessive behavior. Earl of Gloucester, whose actions equal those…

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