William Shakespeare 's King Lear Essay

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Shakespeare’s King Lear dramatizes how manifestations of love, the authenticity of civility, and perception of spoken words effect community synergy and individuals’ psychological development. The opening of King Lear gives the first example of Lear’s immense pride, the foundation of how he views love. After Cordelia refuses to praise him and feed his ego, he then regards her as a “little seeming substance” (Shakespeare, 18), highlighting that Lear thinks his daughters should see his love as valuable, like he does. Goneril and Regan indeed see Lear’s love as valuable, but they do not actually care about their father and only flatter him for personal gain. Since Lear places much emphasis on love put into words (Green), he takes his daughters’ proclamations of love at face value without considering the motivation of their words. Lear’s banishment of Cordelia establishes him as an antagonist, but the progression of the play illuminates how Lear’s love makes him a victim of himself and his older daughters. While Lear’s misfortune comes from Regan and Goneril wanting him out of the way, his pride in himself made it easy for them to manipulate their way into having power over him. After the fallout of his daughters’ deceiving him, Lear learns about love while trying to find his place in the world. Cordelia goes out of her way to rescue Lear from homelessness and stays with him when he becomes imprisoned by her sisters, even though Lear renounced his love for her. Observing…

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