Essay on William Shakespeare 's King Lear

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It is good to have an end to journey toward, and in the end the experiences within the journey itself are equally as important, as such ventures can induce some form of self-transformation. Journeys, Year 11 students, are amongst the very few things in life that is completely unavoidable. Every single person in this room has embarked on a journey, whether it be a journey to senior schooling, or even a journey to self-discovery; everyone has at least once experienced the impacts journeys may potentially offer. In William Shakespeare’s marvel, King Lear, and Hai-Van Nguyen’s, Journey to Freedom, the impacts journeys can have on a traveller, are made apparent through tone, imagery, cumulative listing, irony and also motifs.
King Lear is one of Shakespeare’s finest pieces of work that clearly conveys the idea that experiences within journeys, can lead to a greater sense of self-realisation. King Lear is the play’s protagonist who treks on a journey to his ultimate descent into insanity, as a result of his tragic flaw, that is, his foolish banishment of his honest daughter Cordelia, and the divestment of his kingdom amongst his devious daughters Goneril and Regan. As a result of the affluences inherited by Goneril and Regan, they noticeably transform into being greedy and disloyal to their father, articulated through their condescending tone, when attempting to strip Lear from all his soldiers; ‘What need you five-and-twenty, ten, or five’ (Act 2, Scene 4, 299-303).…

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