William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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In the book Julius Caesar, act 3 scene 1, the lines 254- 275, spoken by Antony, a loyal friend of Caesar’s, is a foreshadowment of revenge for Caesar’s death. When the conspirators have left the Capitol and Antony is alone with Caesar 's dead body, he reveals his full intentions of what is about to come against the conspirators. In this piece, Antony begs pardon of Caesar’s dead body for having been nice to his murderers. He predicts that Caesar’s spirit will be ranging for revenge, and it will be followed by chaos and destruction of civil war in all of Italy. Antony is calling for revenge, as he wants the conspirators to pay up for what they have done to Caesar. He implies this by using an angry tone and connotation of aggressive words, the imagery and foreshadowing of war, allusion of Ate and other devices.

This poem by Antony is spoken in an angry tone with having a strong feeling of displeasure. This can be seen as he says “Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!”(line 258 ), and the sets of words such as “dumb mouths” (line 258), and “utterance of my tongue” (line 261) reveal to us his angry tone in which he is speaking. His anger throughout this passage can also be seen through the diction and the choice of words he uses. The examination of the wordings inside the poem reveal to us how angry Antony is. In the stanza 263, he uses aggressive words such as “fury”, “fierce”, and strife”, all in one line. In the upcoming lines he also uses the words “cumber”,…

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