William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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Throughout Julius Caesar, many things have been discovered and exposed. Especially in the last two acts. A lot of tragic events have happened. Julius Caesar has been killed a war starting, getting new rulers, and also a lot of quarrels. So in this paper I will be talking about four of the characters from this book.
So in act IV, Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus meet up at Antony 's house and start making a list of Romans. The list contains Romans, they think should be killed. Antony does not want Lepidus to be co-ruler of the Roman Empire. Also Portia dies in act IV, scene 3. She kills herself by swallowing hot coals. The scenes transfers of military base which is located in Sardis.
At this military base, Brutus and Cassius start having an argument. The reason they are in an argument is because Brutus put one of Cassius 's men for taking bribes.
So when Brutus found out; he threw him in prison. Also Brutus accuses Cassius of taking bribes himself. So Cassius tells Brutus; that he feels like Brutus doesn 't care for him anymore. So since Cassius feels this way, he offers Brutus his dagger.

After all that, they reconcile with each other. There was messengers bring news from Antony 's and Octavius 's plans for war to Brutus. Brutus gets mad, and suggest they go confront them. Cassius disagrees with this idea, but does it anyway. So they decide to go to Philippi. After Brutus goes to his tent, the ghost of Caesar appears to Brutus in the middle of the night. The ghost Caesar…

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