Essay about William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare 's play, Julius Caesar, is based on the real life events about a bunch of senators who plan and executed the assassination of Caesar. In the play we learn the many different motivations to why the men want to kill him. Some, such as Cassius, want to kill him because it will help them personally advance their careers. Others, such as Brutus, want to kill him do to the fear that he will become a bad leader. There plans doesn’t go as they hope though. Many of the rome 's people saw Caesar as a great and humble man. As you read the play, you can start to see really how Caesar really is as a person. Caesar was an arrogant, self-centered, and ambitious leader, which lead to his downfall and death.
Arrogance was one of Caesar 's biggest flaws. He thought of himself as basically a god and everything in the world revolved around him. An example of his arrogance is when he says “ Such men as he be never at heart 's ease whiles they behold a greater than themselves, and therefore are they very dangerous.I rather tell thee what is to be feared than what I fear; for always I am Caesar”(1.2.218-222). In this quote, Caesar is basically talking about he fears no one. He goes as far to say that he could tell you what or who you should fear, but isn’t afraid of it himself. He says the reason for him not being scared is simply because he is Julius Caesar. He says that this when he is talking to Anthony about Cassius. Also another example of Caesar 's arrogance comes in…

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