William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay example

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Throughout history, lords and monarchs have been infamous for their inextinguishable eagerness for power and complete domination; the induce of outright sovereignty and complete obligation was too intriguing to disdain. This domination can lead to volatile and destructive visions of the world collapsing into pieces. It is in the hands of the ruler to restrict that from ever happening. In the play, Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, Caesar had vivid imaginations to have supremacy over Rome; also doing whatever it takes to win over the hearts of the citizens in Rome. In turn, a group of conspirators conceived out a plot to assassinate Julius Caesar so this would never have happened. Caesar should have been penalized for his actions because he had intentions of obtaining inexhaustible power, wanted to use his influence for his personal reasons and he eventually would have kept the citizens of Rome in dominance.

Caesar had craved for infinite power of ruling Rome. Traditionally, other emperors bestow their power down to their son/ daughter to rule. Others, such as politicians have their others ways of somehow ruling. Then there lies Julius Caesar who not only hosted gladiator games to attract people 's attention, but also practiced human sacrifice. If kings are entrusted with such power, then why do they have the right to take the lives of others? This is simply immoral and unethical for one to even think about doing so. In the text it states, “ As Caesar loved me, I weep…

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