Essay about William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar

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In Julius Caesar Act 4, Scene 2, Brutus and his friend Lucilius met Pindarus and Titinius, two of his mutual friends. They bring him word that Cassius is approaching and Brutus says that
Cassius has engaged in some shady business that makes Brutus wish that they should have never killed Caesar. Lucilius then admits that Cassius wasn’t his usual friendly self and Brutus takes this like their friendship is falling apart. Cassius’s army will stay in Sardis (modern day Turkey) for the night and the cavalry will arrive with Cassius in the morning. When Cassius arrives, he announces that Brutus has done him wrong. Brutus is shocked and the two are about to have a fight. However, they decide to do it privately, that way the troops won’t know that they’re fighting. They then order their armies to move away so they can go inside Brutus’s tent and argue in private, with Lucilius and Titinius guarding the door while they argue. In Julius Caesar Act 4, Scene 3, the explanation of Cassius and Brutus’s argument comes out.
It’s explained that Brutus has condemned Lucius Pella, as a man who was taking bribes from the
Sardians. Cassius wrote a letter to Brutus that said Pella shouldn’t be punished, but Brutus ignored it. Brutus then accused Cassius of being dishonorable for saying that they should let the bribery slide. Cassius denies being called greedy, but Brutus gets to the most important fact of their argument. The most important fact is that they all killed Caesar for…

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