William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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As the scene comes to a start, it opens up the scene at a hall in the castle. In the castle, it starts off where Hamlet goes to the players and starts telling them some sort of advice for the performance. He tells them that this play should become as natural as possible, and not at all too aggressive or tame during their performance. Another piece of advice he gives the actors would be that they must keep their actions into mind and make a fool of themselves for laughter. They must focus on the performance and all will end well. It is as if Hamlet is the director of the play. After their little prep talk, it was time for the play to commence!
Before it may begin, Polonius, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern are sent out to get everything settled as Horatio enters in the scene. Before they went into business, Hamlet began to praise Horatio as being one of the best men he ever knew, thanking him for his great passionate sense, and aiding him on his plan. But what exactly is Hamlet’s plan? His plan is to sit and watch Claudius during the play from one side, while Horatio does the same on the other side. During this time, they will take note on Claudius’s reactions during the play, especially when the king is assassinated, and see if he is indeed guilty. After their debriefing, they then leave to the play and get into position as the play was about to begin. It was at this time when Claudius enters and settles in. He then asks Hamlet how he is doing, and he, still acting crazy,…

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