Essay on William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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William Shakespeare has a brilliant knack on writing plays that intrigues any person. Many texts of Shakespeare 's are still considered to be one of the greatest plays of all time. The play that is referred to as the greatest play in history would be Hamlet. Hamlet has the same qualities of his other playwrights, but it does entitle a different kind of attitude. Unlike any other play that Shakespeare has composed, Hamlet possesses the ability to mess with the minds of the audience. Shakespeare is able to captivate his audience due to the decisions he made in his writings. Some of the decisions Shakespeare had to make involved how to begin and end his play, the use of metaphors or situations to point out the irony, and how to write a soliloquy that has so many different definitions at the same time that it leaves his audience stricken with curiosity. Shakespeare begins the play with the sighting of Hamlet the king’s ghost, and then proceeds to end the play with death as well. The sighting of Hamlet’s ghost was significant because it captured the audience immediately. It had the audience wondering why there was a ghost haunting the grounds of the earth, because back in Shakespeare’s time, if a ghost was sighted it was a sign of a sinful death. Thus, sighting a ghost that is then discussed to be the king that was just recently marked as deceased a mere two months before led the audience wandering the true past of the Denmark history. Shakespeare does not fail at this point;…

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