William Shakespeare 's Hamlet 's Universal Themes Of Power Ambition And Betrayal

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Ever since the official publication of Hamlet in 1603. Critics from all over the world have stood in awe of the play’s universal themes of Power Ambition and betrayal. Shakespeare being the genius he is does a remarkable job at exposing the rawness with in each of the plays main characters. From Hamlet to Ophelia every character brings a sense of uniqueness. And each are put in various situations where they are tested and must combat their own on set of mental instabilities. These internalized struggles serve to make the characters appear more human like in there demeanor. Because of the characters being designed like this they ended appearing more relatable to a general audience even though they were telling the story from roles of nobility. Since these characters held such human like characteristics one could theorize that each could stand fit for a psychiatric diagnosis. In this paper we will put that very statement to the test.

Many prominent and accredited scholars have made the argument that shortly after the death of Hamlet’s father “King Hamlet” Hamlet had driven himself into insanity. A clam like this is fairly obvious to infer from the text. After observing hamlet’s deep desire for revenge and his odd obsession with his mother’s sexual relationship with Claudius. One would assume that hamlet had fallen off the deep end. And while this observation may hold some truth to it.
It’s still a very sallow based argument. Think about the situation from Hamlet’s eyes you…

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