William Shakespeare 's Hamlet : The Ghost Of Old Hamlet Essays

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Written by William Shakespeare, the play Hamlet dates back to the 1600’s. Underlying the play is history that took place before the play was written and it is of major significance to understanding the play. Set in Denmark, the play deals with many emotional events that Hamlet goes through. There are a few themes that are shown throughout the play such as betrayal, lack of loyalty and readiness to die. During Act 1, the ghost of Old Hamlet was noticed two nights in a row. Old Hamlet was the former King of Denmark who has recently died. The guards bring Horatio to witness this sighting. Horatio had his doubts at first but then he sees it and decides to report its appearance to Hamlet. Claudius has been given the throne due to old Hamlet’s death. Claudius also married Hamlet’s mother and old Hamlet’s wife. Hamlet finds out and is disgusted by his mother 's decision to marry Claudius so soon after his father’s passing. He is filled with complete rage. Horatio tells Hamlet that the ghost has been appearing and he starts to act strange and determined to see the ghost as well. Laertes and Polonius question Ophelia about her relationship with Hamlet. Ophelia discusses the way that Hamlet comes on to her and they tell her to avoid Hamlet. Ophelia agrees to cut off hamlet because it she has no other choice. Later on, Hamlet stays out and accompanies on the watch for the ghost. Hamlet questions the ghost, who ends up revealing that Claudius murdered him in order to steal his crown…

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