William Shakespeare 's Hamlet Suicide Essay

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In Hamlet suicide is such a prominent theme, it can be found being mentioned by the cast, like Hamlet, the Queen, and King Hamlet 's ghostly self. It 's not only what truly drives the story forward, but makes the meat of the play. Diving into the theme itself, we can usually look at Hamlet to find one way suicide can be seen. The theme 's main topics would be how it 's morally, religiously, and aesthetically seen and not seen in the play.

Suicide itself is normally seen as a shameful way to pass, sympathy is less passed towards the victim as a result. Apart from those that wouldn 't have known the person that took their own life, to the people that have, will have mixed feelings about the act of suicide. On one hand, there would be anger and confusion, but on the other there would also be an understanding. Understanding why the person committed the act, why the person decided to not seek help, and why no one saw it coming in the first place is normally what will run through their minds. Now, suicide is wrong and seen as shameful to most, though, there will still be positive feelings of the victim expressed by those close to him or her.

In other cases, suicide is found to be the last attempt at keeping one 's honor, but that is not the case for the play. The play shows out suicide to be morally wrong while making it feel like it 's not.
When Ophelia takes her life, her brother demands justice for her sister, despite the taking of her own life. Ophelia is the victim in…

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