William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark Essay

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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is the main character of Williams Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. In this play the king of Denmark is murdered, and the throne is taken by the murderer. Hamlet learns about this by seeing the ghost of his father in the night, and to seek revenge against the new king, Hamlet decides to act insane to gather more information and evidence against the new king. As time goes on Hamlet seems to no longer be acting insane and yet still shows many of the symptoms that he was showing before. Although Hamlet says he is only acting insane, as the play goes on and his character develops, Hamlet is no longer acting and shows true madness through different forms of behaviors. Sarcasm is an important speaking tone used by Hamlet to further his character development. By including sarcasm into the play, Shakespeare is able to show who Hamlet really is. For example, Hamlet says “Thrift, thrift, Horatio. The funeral baked meats Did coldly furnish forth the wedding tables”(I.ii.187-188). Hamlet uses this sarcasm to protest against his mother marrying so quickly after her husband’s death, Hamlet is saying that the food used for the funeral of his father was also used for his mother’s wedding, because that is how quickly his mother turned around and got married again. The purpose of this sarcasm is to show how Hamlet is not always a serious person and at times he will make jokes about things and try to lighten up a situation, or make something serious seem like it is not…

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