William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Original Writing Essay

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Another delicate nuance that I would like to consider about her marriage. In order to remarry she should probably discuss it with her only son, who by the way was the prince and could have his father’s throne. Neither the movie nor the text do not speak about it, but if we try to picture the possibility that they might have discussed her marriage, Hamlet definitely would oppose to her marriage plan, which after all Gertrude ignored, or perhaps she did not discuss it with Hamlet which she had to. She had to because they were family and she should know how Hamlet feels about it, moreover how he feels since Claudius would be taking the throne that belonged Hamlet. Such behavior of a queen and a mother was very impudent. However all above mentioned actions and reactions although leading to a conclusion of a loose woman, does not make her a prostitute but let’s having in mind all the analyzes move to the scene of the ghost talking to Hamlet.
“My prophetic soul” Hamlet is moaning in response to the ghost’s words. The ghost reveals that he has been murdered by his brother “the serpent that did sing thy father’s life now wears his crown”. The conversation is crucial for my claim so let’s see how. “ Ay that incestuous, that adulterate beast…with witchcraft of his wit, with traitorous gifts won to his shameful lust the will of my most seeming –virtuous queen.” This lines imply that Gertrude was already seduced by Gladiolus before the king’s death and could be involved in the…

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