William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Hamlet Essay examples

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1. Gertrude and Claudius spend much of Act I Scene 2 (I.2) chastising Hamlet. Discuss why they are distraught with him and why he is acting this way in this scene. Use examples for illustration.
Claudius and Gertrude spend much of their time in Act I Scene 2 reprimanding Hamlet for his melancholy attitude and morning attire. King Claudius and Queen Gertrude are celebrating their wedding; however, Gertrude understands that her son, Prince Hamlet is offended by her seeming betrayal to the memory of her dead husband, the late King Hamlet.

2. Look at Hamlet’s first soliloquy Act I Scene 2 Ln. 129-160 (I.2.129-160). Discuss the main points that Hamlet is making in this speech. Use at least two poetic images (metaphors) he uses and their meaning.
In Hamlet’s first soliloquy, he wishes he could commit suicide because his mother 's remarriage has upset him to the point of despair and grief. Hamlet wishes his skin would rot, as though his disintegrating skin would remove the horror he is living. The fact that his mother is remarrying so soon after his father’s death disturbs him. Moreover, the Hamlet does not understand how his mother so seemingly happy with his father can marry her brother-in-law.

3. Consider the scenes where Hamlet encounters the Ghost. Discuss the predicaments which the Ghost cause for him and why he hesitates to follow through with the Ghost’s demands.
Hamlet sees the appearance of his father 's ghost, who tells him that his brother, Claudius,…

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