Essay on William Shakespeare 's Hamlet From Hamlet

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People can most often be put into boxes: a man is good or bad, smart or dumb, handsome or ugly; but while a person can have a tendency to lean in one direction, nothing ever works out to black or white. The same theory can be applied to characters of fiction, such as Hamlet from Hamlet, although because he is a fictional human his actions can be interpreted differently by different people. One opinion displays Hamlet’s actions and ideas of those of an entitled man of thought must fulfill the duties of a faithful man of honor. Hamlet consistently shows himself to be inclined to hypocrisy, an inability to successfully act on his wishes, and a lack of empathy towards others. Hamlet impresses an air of a man who intimately knows what the world is like, passing judgment on other characters for traits deemed immoral. However, Hamlet himself exhibits some of the characteristics he so loathes, proving him a hypocrite. For instance, during his quest for revenge, Hamlet inclines to choose a route filled with subterfuge and deceit, informing his friends that he “perchance hereafter shall think meet / To put an antic disposition on” (Shakespeare 1.5.191-192). This refusal to take the more direct path mirrors Polonius’ unnecessarily complicated instructions for investigating Laertes’ behavior while abroad.
The play does clarify that if Hamlet had done the same as one of his foils, Fortinbrass, he could have regained his family honor; just as Fortinbrass had done by invading Poland…

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