Essay on William Shakespeare 's Hamlet - Appearance Vs. Reality

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Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most interpreted plays for the most part being due to the several themes interpreted in it. “There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.” (A.I,S.4,98) With one of the earlier quotes in the play setting the atmosphere for Hamlet, it is clear that one of those themes are appearance vs. reality. Appearance vs. reality is a major theme in Hamlet that is constantly embedded throughout the entire play. Appearance vs. reality plays itself in Hamlets play within a play; The Murder of Gonzago, appearance vs. reality sets the setting in every major scene such as Hamlet’s performance of his ‘feigned madness,’ the leave of Laertes, along with the concerns of Claudius for Hamlet’s well being and, appearance vs. reality overtakes every major character’s role through the duration of the play having them appear a certain way to the ‘public eye’ also, through their soliloquies that reveal their true characters including Hamlet, King Claudius, and even Polonius. To begin with, following his encounter with the Ghost, Hamlet’s main objective was to verify Claudius’ guilt and to do that he would direct a play within a play (The Murder of Gonzago) which stood as a prime example of appearance vs. reality in the play. Hamlet puts off his objective of obtaining revenge for his murdered father by using the appearance of the play to discover the reality of King Claudius; seconding his decisions. “The wicked prize itself buys out the law. But tis’ not so above:…

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