William Shakespeare 's Hamlet And Three Day Road Essay

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Loyalty is the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations. Is loyalty something that can easily be earned from one person to another? Can the loyalty between two people be lost easily? Can loyalty be lost between two people? Within the books Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden, the theme of loyalty is brought up multiple times, and used to express many different emotions. Some of the major relationships within Hamlet I will be talking about, are two very different relationships that are truly are built around loyalty. The two relationships will be the truly loyal relationship between father and son, Hamlet and his Father (The Ghost). The second relationship I will be comparing is the very un-loyal relationship that is between Claudius and Hamlet. Xavier and Elijah have a very complex relationship looking at the theme of loyalty, at one time it can be good, at other times it can be bad. I will be comparing and contrasting the different relationships between these two texts to see how each respective author uses loyalty to build and destroy relationships and in both cases, contribute to the ‘tragedy’.

The relationship between Hamlet and The Ghost within Hamlet is very close, and very strong. Shakespeare uses the loyalty between these two characters to prove this fact, though this loyalty was not easily gained. Upon the arrival of The Ghost, Hamlet is initially dumbfounded with the thought of seeing his father…

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